Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stuff and Nonsense

James came home this week and we're hoping to see him back at school next week. We're very grateful. :-) My classroom has been quiet without his slightly smart mouth.

I have a book and movie review I want to share with you this week -- a Superromance by Jane Brashear I found while looking for Amy Knupp's book and Elephant, a movie recommended by one of my juniors.

We have state testing this week, and I have no planning period, so if I'm scarce, you know why. :-)

So what do you want to hear about first -- book? Or movie?

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Tuesday and Wednesday, I was okay. Shocked, a little upset, relieved, grateful.

Today? I've had this low simmering anger that just won't go away.

I don't think it will for a while.

Monday afternoon, one of my students was biking on the rural highway I live on. He trains for triathlons and does this regularly. He's a smart, savvy kid, a very personable kid, one teachers love.

Someone hit him.

We were blessed that despite the fact he wasn't wearing a helmet (although he owns two) and despite being knocked into the air and slammed into the asphalt face-first, he survived with no broken bones.

He survived. We're all thankful for that. I've reminded his upset classmates repeatedly that it's going to be okay, that he's going to be okay, that things could have been so much worse.

But today I woke up angry. Furious. The knot of anger stayed at the back of my neck all day. Now it's pounding at my temples. I'm angry that this kid I like, who is such a good kid, got hurt.

I'm furious that the person who hit him paused long enough to go around him after he'd hit the road and then left the scene.


How do you do that? How do you strike a human being with your car and drive away? How do you see the results of your actions, however accidental, and leave a child -- yes, a fifteen-year-old child -- bleeding in the road?

I'm so thankful this particular boy will be back in my classroom soon.

I'm very grateful for the teachers from another school who witnessed the accident and stopped to care for him.

But today . . . I'm very angry with the unknown person driving that gray minivan. I think I will be for a very long time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Do You Know . . .

What happens to Styrofoam packing peanuts when they're shoved into a window fan?

I do.

Monster #2 decided to find out while I was outside mowing the lawn. Needless to say, it can snow in Georgia in April . . .

Where I've Been . . .

Dauphin Island, Alabama

Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm Home!

Had a fantastic trip (although the drive over was rather trying -- it's four hours and took us nine -- I'll tell the story later this week).

Now I'm going to be swamped by "coming home from a trip" life instead of "getting ready for a trip" life.

You don't even want to know how many unread emails are sitting in my inbox. Eek!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm Tired . . .

Been catching on grading.

Adjusting to the idea of being suddenly, basically agent-less.

Trying to get my mind wrapped around revisions on an existing work. It's kicking my butt, freaking me out a little.

Counting down days to spring break.

What are you up to?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where I've Been . . .

Being held hostage. (Actually, administering the high school graduation test for four days.)

Yesterday was errands.

Today was laundry and housework. It was supposed to be grading papers, too, but I didn't get that far.

Last night was fun . . . I judged a small-town beauty contest. I'd never done it before, but it really was interesting. I went with a friend and her aunt (we were the judges). They fed us finger foods (which I love) and we talked, laughed, had a good time. Judging was interesting -- difficult at times (we had three ties) but fun. The best part was I got paid a little bit (enough to buy those shorts from Old Navy I've wanted but wouldn't let myself splurge on, plus enough to buy my new bathing suit.)

And we got a goodie basket. That was the best . . . like Christmas morning. We weren't expecting that, and we received some really cool things. I have to write a great thank you note for both the experience and the gifts.

What have you been up to?