Thursday, November 01, 2007

Help Sumter Regional Win an MRI

Not sure if y'all remember, but back in March, we had tornados move through here. I posted about running late at night from the one bearing down on the town where I live. Anyway, the town of Americus north of us was almost decimated -- and their hospital took a direct hit. Below, I'm posting an email detailing how we can help Sumter Regional Hospital win a new MRI. The video is incredible -- it includes footage from the security cameras and you can watch the tornado move by as it slams into the hospital.

It only takes two minutes. Please help!

This was sent to me by a friend. Please read and consider participating:

Dear Friends & Family,

So many of you have asked of ways that you can help Sumter Regional Hospital and Americus , Ga. This is an easy way to help our community and would be such a Godsend for our hospital. Siemens is having a contest to give away a one million dollar MRI machine to a hospital in America . The hospital must come up with a video to present their need and it is a vote of popular opinion. There are many videos already submitted. Many are silly, a few are business-like, but none are as touching as the story of the tornado that ripped apart our town on March 1 st. You can submit one vote in a 24 hour period from each email account. After watching the video, the vote button will turn to an orange shade color; that is when you are allowed to cast.

Please visit and place your vote for the video entitled "Blown Away" by Sumter Regional Hospital every day until the end of the year.

We have a huge deficit between monies owed to us by the insurance company and the amount it is going to take to rebuild our hospital. If you forward this to everyone in your email address book, this message could reach so many people.

Once you reach the site, just click on Sumter Regional Hospital in the drop down, watch the video (about two minutes) then click on the orange VOTE button once it lights up. You can vote once a day.

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