Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thirteen Random Snippets I Like from HOLD ON TO ME

1) Caitlin Falconetti stood before him in all her Bureau glory, and he was dirty, wet, and smelled of dead chicken.

2) “You’re a sick bastard.”
“Yeah, I know.” Cookie heaved an unrepentant sigh as they reached the water’s edge.

3) “Now tell me you don’t want me.”

4) “Right. You never noticed the guy tripping all over himself when you’re around.”
She pinned him with a withering look. He was on a fishing expedition, but if he thought she’d fall for the oldest interrogation trick in the book, she had news for him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Sure you don’t.”
“If you don’t shut up about it, Cook, I’m going to kick your ass. Right here, right now.”
“Stop.” He picked up a toothpick and began cleaning under his thumbnail. “You’re turning me on.”

5) Holy hell, let her do whatever she wanted. He was too damned tired to care anymore.

6) “Think.” Cookie thumped him on the forehead.

7) “I was being facetious, Falconetti. You don’t have to take everything so damned literally.”
“Gee, I’m sorry, Reed. I didn’t realize you actually possessed a sense of humor.”

8) Absolute glee flowed through his sister’s words. “Maybe you want to go church with us, too. I think the sermon is on the sins of the flesh. You can repent.”
“Tori.” He ground his teeth. “I haven’t done anything to repent for. Nothing happened.”

9) “Do you realize what you’re doing to your lungs? Could you even pass a physical training run right now?”
He laughed. “I’ll have you know I conduct our training runs every week.”
“Standing on the track with a stop watch does not count.”

10) Tick muttered a curse. “If I shoot him…”
“I’ll swear it was justified.” Caitlin tried to smile.

11) "If you say love and forever, or anything else along those lines, I’ll puke, Lamar. Seriously.”

12) “Yeah, I know, but it’s fun to push your buttons. You’re awful cute when you’re jealous, Falconetti. Makes those Irish-green eyes of yours glitter like crazy. I’ll bet you can turn on the mean real quick.”

13) "Hell, boy, her shoes cost more than your last set of tires.”

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Carol B. said...

Oh, hey, I like those too. Some of them very snarky gems. ;)