Sunday, March 15, 2009

23 Days . . .

“Chris.” Relief vibrated in Tick Calvert’s deep voice. “Glad I caught you before you left. I need a huge favor.”
Why wasn’t Chris surprised? Visions of his vacation spiraling down the tubes danced through his mind. He rested his forehead on the doorjamb. “Yeah?”
“Do this for me and I’ll make it worth your while—equal to full pay this week and I’ll schedule you another week off whenever you want.”
“Who am I covering?” He slumped into a chair and reached for a pad and pen to jot down the shift times. Hell, he should have ignored the damn phone. He would have been out of the driveway by now, headed for his version of paradise.
Tick cleared his throat. “I don’t need you to work.”
Suspicion tickled Chris’s spine. “What do you want then?”


Are you ready?


Esther said...

Cannot wait!!!

Anonymous said...

It's April right? No?
What about now?
How 'bout now?
I'm sure it's April.

Jenn said...

I can't wait!!!!