Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Morning Check-In

I am sooo ready for summer. Only about a month and a half! I would say I'm ready for spring break, but someone has jury duty that week.

What I need to accomplish this week:

1) Make senior board speeches run smoothly (Tues, Wed., Thurs.)
2) Stay on top of junior poetry anthology checkpoints
3) Teach poetry to freshmen
4) Somehow get derailed Canterbury Tales unit back on track (thanks, bad weather!).
5) Grade revised junior research papers
6) Write week 7 and week 8 essays for EDUC 6657 (I'm trying to finish early)
7) Get to proposal point with Gone
8) Maybe begin working on laying out Layla's story . . .???

What's on your plate for the week?

1 comment:

Esther said...

Hey Linda! I'm always amazed at all the things on your plate!

The quarter just started for us in Seattle. This week I'll
1. continue setting up website for programming class.
2. write a training module for math tutors.
3. write a letter of interest for a research project with faculty from other schools.
4. grade first programming assignment.
5. continue meeting with students doing independent study.
5. read Facing It!