Sunday, July 05, 2009

July TTD

More list than month, I'm afraid.


1) Reread articles/chapters from graduate work
2) Revise management plan
3) Revise units, write new units, break down to daily level
4) Clean out file cabinets
5) Make new 9th/11th notebooks for the year
6) One Act plan


1) Paranormal (20K -- eek!)
2) Make headway on something


1) Help Monsters organize their closets
2) Clean out my closet, make Goodwill run
3) Landscaping. Lots and lots of landscaping . . .

Throw in all the grand jury stuff, too.

What's July look like for you?


Anonymous said...

Go to the post office and post signed book?? LOL

Linda Winfree said...

Yes! Because there are three -- count 'em, three! -- boxes to be mailed, sitting by my desk.

I stink. I shall have to grovel at your feet in abject apology b/c as an author, I have the worst mailing habits EVER!


Anonymous said...

I still love you!
I'm counting the hours until release time. Release day is almost over for me and I can't buy the damn book yet. *sigh* Sometimes living in the future sux!