Sunday, January 29, 2006

You Know That Garfield Cartoon . . .

The one where he's bemoaning the fact he's been attacked by several Mondays at once? I'm feeling that.

Actually, I'm feeling the trip out of town, the laundry done, the time spent helping seniors on research papers, the trip to the grocery store, etc.

Monster #1's academic team had a tournament two hours away yesterday, and we left Friday afternoon to spend the night before, after a whirlwind of haircut appointments and packing. I never really got the whole concept of an academic tournament until I let a colleague rope me into being a reader for the big bash tournament he throws at our school every year. Now I totally see it! And I'm excited my kid participates. Watching the kids -- all of them -- is so funny! They're so serious and such good sports as well.

While I was moving Monster #1's team from room to room in a charming 1930's era schoolhouse, the DH took Monster #2 to a rather large swamp park to ride in a boat and see alligators. Afterward, Monster #1 wanted a trip to. Okay, even though I'll often vie with Elisabeth for the worst mother award, I think I deserve mom kudos for not only going to see the alligators but walking through the park in two-and-a-half-inch heels (blue suede pointy toes, too!).

Got home late Saturday night and crashed (I did all the driving -- but I did stop for a Starbucks. Yum!).

Worked with some of the seniors from my homeroom this afternoon on their research papers for the college class they're taking through our campus (our plan is for our kids to graduate with up to four college courses completed). I'd forgotten that some college professors don't really, um, teach the way high school teachers do -- they lecture. Let's just say some of the kids were caught in a quagmire of confusion and procrastination. I don't teach these kids anymore, so it was kind of fun to sit and work with them again (I know you're not supposed to have favorites as a teacher, but I loved this group).

So . . . after laundry and hanging with my kids and finishing Pompeii (oh, gosh, I'm out of reading material . . . must go to bookstore!) . . . I'm off to crash again.

Talk later.

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