Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Needing a Little Pre-Halloween Magic Here . . .

I am so incredibly tired tonight. I don't know if it's because this is our first "full" week after fall break, if it's because it's been a jam-packed week already, or if I'm just getting old . . . but I'm bushed.

Tomorrow does not promise to be a restful day. I found out this afternoon that grades are due on report cards (we handwrite those suckers, too . . . sigh) by the end of Thursday. Thursday night is PTO as well. My fear is that tomorrow will be day four that I don't have planning for whatever reason, and then how will I get report cards done?

After school, you say?

Um. Uh-huh.

It's eleven practice days until competition. I can't miss a practice, so my schedule for tomorrow pretty much looks like this:

Period One: 9th Writers Workshop
Period Two: 9th Lit/Comp
Period Three: 11th American Lit
Period Four: Planning. This week, it's been . . . helping with state reporting, an emergency conference, distributing student govt. forms.
Period Five: High School Transitions
Lunch: Hey. I could do them here. That could work. Hmmm, 83 grades X 2 copies, in 30 min.
Period Six: 11th American Lit
Period Seven: High School Study Skills
3:30 until: Play Practice
6:00: Fundraiser supper for the Spanish club
7:00: PTO

I'm doomed. So if anyone has a little magic for adding a twenty-fifth hour to the day, or one of those cool "time warp" watches from the movie Clockstoppers, I need to borrow it!


MaryF said...

Thank GOD I teach elementary.

Kristi said...

Lin, I feel for ya, kiddo...don't have a Clockstoppers watch to hand over...but if I did you'd be the one to get it. :)