Tuesday, March 06, 2007


What Mattered Most has its first "official" review -- 5 Hearts from The Romance Studio.

Snippets from the review:

"I absolutely loved this book. . . the tension and suspense were perfect and had me immediately engrossed in this tale of love, choice and discovery. . . John’s character was perfect—God, I wish more men like that existed! . . . I had a rough time putting it down to sleep and eat! . . . I will be certain to pick up any Linda Winfree books I come across."

Wow! I cannot tell you how excited I was to read that!

Click here to read the complete review!

In my Google-surfing, I've come across a little reader buzz about the book -- another exciting first! In some ways, the reader response has been more exciting than actually selling the book. There's just something about knowing people are reading your book and being affected by the world and characters you created. I get chills. I found this over at author Jade James's blog (I love her blog design):

"Oh and I just read this wonderful book by a new author for me. She is a refreshing voice and I'm so glad I bought it on a spontaneous splurge. :-) It's LINDA WINFREE What Mattered Most, and the book starts off with a bang. Lots of suspense-and emotion. Yeah, I was crying while reading, it's that good."

Also, Bev left me a fantastic reader review over at My Bookstore and More, which just made my day!

A big thank you to everyone who's read . . . and is talking about . . . my debut release!


Anonymous said...

It really is a great book Linda. It's good to see suspense written-so well done-that it keeps the readers hooked. Hope you have more coming soon. LOL.

Jade James

Joan Swan said...

All great news, Lin!! How exciting! I'm living vicariously. **Drool** **Drool**

Carol B. said...

Well, it's good that the world is starting to realize what your CP's have known for some time. ;-)

You're a hit!