Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Songs That Inspired My Books

1…. "Wonderful Tonight"
2. "Walk the Line"
3. "Ring of Fire"
4. "Hold On To Me"
5. "Songs About Rain"
6. "Memories of Us"
7. "Anything But Mine"
8. "Goodbye Time"
9. "Look at You, Girl"
10. "Your Man"
11. "Baby, You Save Me"
12. "Can't Do It Today"
13. "Kerosene"

And because I have more than thirteen:

14. "Before He Cheats"
15. "Settle for a Slow Down"
16. "Addiction"
17. "Made a Man Out of Me"
18. "Must Be Doing Something Right"

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Joan Swan said...

Hey, great list.

I thought TT was going down. I mean, I thought they were ending, closing the site, whatever. I haven't been doing it for a while.

Do you know what's up with that?

Now I'll have to do mine. :-)

Joan Swan said...

Here's mine:

Carol B. said...

OMG, you've succumed to the dark side. Aaarrrrgggghhh!

Carol B. said...

Um, make that 'succumbed', LOL!