Saturday, January 05, 2008

Goals? What Goals?

If you look, they're all over the Internet right now: 2008 writer goals. Well, if you're looking for vast writerly goals, you won't find them here. Do I have them? Sure, although they're more like targets. I'm in awe of writers who set goals and do spreadsheets and do tracking software and challenges and stuff.

I'm just not one of them.

Instead, I'm a JDI kind of girl.

My students will tell you that "JDI!" means "Just DO it!" I say it when they're experiencing disequillibrium about something new (like that word? It's a fancy educational term for "whining.").

"But, Ms. Winfree, I can't write an eight to ten page research paper!"


So what is my JDI plan for the year? I don't know. Basically, it goes like this:

1) Make sure all grad school assignments are in on time, completed to the best of my ability. Gotta maintain that 4.0.

2) Make all publisher deadlines on edits, print galleys, etc. Gotta keep those contracts.

3) Keep on teaching, grading, making parent contact, etc. Need a contract for next year! Not meeting professional expectations kinda puts a damper on that.

4) Run. Daily. 20 minutes. If I get 30 minutes, great. If it's five days out of seven, it's all good.

5) Write. Daily. I target 1000 words a day, which gives me a couple of rough draft manuscripts in a year.

6) Get on the agent-hunt merry-go-round again. Don't know what I'm thinking. I think Joan just wants me with her.

Oh, wait. Those look like goals. Naaaah. That's just what I'm going to do.

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Carol B. said...

Hey, I thought you titled that sucker! Update, woman, update. LOL

I hate to tell you, but yeah, those look suspiciously like goals.

Bree said...

Woohoo! I snuck off and bought two more of your books from Samhain the other night. :D

But I'm not allowed to open them until we send in our Psychic Anthology submission. It'll be my reward!

Linda Winfree said...

I will, Carol, I will. Soon. Sheesh, woman, you know what the last three days have been like!

Bree . . . whoo! What did you get? We can talk books. ;-) And don't tell Donna . . . she'll get mad that you have Georgia cops and she doesn't. How's progress going no the psychic story?

Bree said...

I got "What Mattered Most" and "Truth & Consequences." I know I'm not supposed to do this, but I LOVE the cover of Truth & Consequences so much that I'll probably read that first. :D

We've done a LOT of edits on the psychic story. We ended up having to go back and add a scene with a little more discussion to build the tension, but other than that we're ALMOST ready.

Now I just have to get back at that synopsis! I'm almost done with...the third paragraph? ;) I've got your notes on my left side and Carol's on my right and I'm just hackin' it ALL to pieces!

Sam said...

Over-achiever! LOL
Those look like very good goals - er, non-goals.