Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today's the Day

Scenes from St. Augustine -- More homes on San Marco facing the bay front. I love the one with wood shakes on the right.

Well, that's it. Summer is basically over. I'm prepared-prepared -- room is ready, units are written, etc. Mentally? Not so much. However, I did finish up everything for EDUC 6672 yesterday (except for inserting items in my portfolio), so I have a break from grad school until early September. That will be nice, as the first few weeks of a new school year are always crazy.

Today I have nothing on my agenda. That's right -- nothing. (Although I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing, well, something).

What's your idea of a do-nothing day?


MaryF said...

A do-nothing day....sitting in the back yard reading....watching DVDs all afternoon....maybe pulling myself together and going to get lunch.

Do you have inservice this week and the kids next week? I like to ease back to work with inservice.

Linda Winfree said...

Yes, we have three days of preplanning this week, two days next week, then the kids come back on the 13th.