Friday, August 01, 2008

TBR Piles

Scenes from St. Augustine -- One of the buildings from the historic village living museum. It's on St. George Street and I snapped this during our Ghostly Experience walking tour.
Mary has two hundred books in her TBR* pile.
Two. Hundred.
First, I should probably admit I don't even have a TBR pile. Well, Monster #2 has a TBR pile, on the corner of my desk, and it has three books in it. I think the reason I don't possess a TBR pile is that I buy a book and I read it. Then it usually gets passed on to someone else or placed on the bookcase in my classroom (I have a small house -- there's not a lot of room for extra book storage). I have a couple of baskets in my office that hold the professional books I'm currently using or reading, but in the last couple of years, I've found myself buying more and more ebooks, simply because I don't have to find tangible space for them.
So now I'm trying to envision the space two hundred books would take up. That's . . . wow.
Am I the only one without a huge TBR pile? And if you have a big one, where do you keep it all?
*To Be Read


Anonymous said...

Today I have pile of new prof dev books sitting on the floor beside my recliner justing calling my name . . . but they'll have to wait -- I still have finance assignments to do! Plus another stack of 8 big ones that just arrived for my fall classes. And, yes, there's an LW e-book still waiting and more to purchase.

MaryF said...

Is that a lot??? :)

Did I mention I hoard things? If one's good, two's better....