Monday, October 27, 2008

Interview with Guest Author Jeff Rivera

"Once homeless and living in his car, award-winning novelist Jeff Rivera writes passionate stories of those often forgotten and neglected by society. He believes even in the eyes of a gang member, even beneath the soiled clothes of a bag lady or behind the tears of a lonely kid in the back of the class, there lies a common thread that links us all, the universal human story. He has made it his personal mission to help change the way the world thinks in a positive way through his stories. Mr. Rivera currently lives in Miami, Florida. Adopted by his Filipino stepfather when he was seven years old, his ethnic background is Black American and Native American." --

Forever My Lady is a lot like an Officer and a Gentleman in some ways. Was that on purpose?
I didn't set out to make it like An Officer and a Gentleman but I can see the similarities. I think if you're a big fan of that story you'll like Forever My Lady. It does have a similar story in terms of a rough and tough guy who learns to become a better man through boot camp for the love of his life.

How long have you been writing?
I've been writing since I was 6 years old. But I had never written a novel before I wrote Forever My Lady. I did though think it would be really cool when I was little to have a book one day to have my book in the library. Now it's happening and for a someone who grow up a poor black kid in Hillsboro, Oregon I just want to pinch myself sometimes.

You used some interesting techniques to move the plot forward with a lot of twists. Why?
I wrote the type of story I'd like to read. I can't stand books where you know exactly what's going to happen. I fought against then when writing Forever My Lady.

How did you make sure each of the letters sounded so different as if they came from two different characters?
I actually wrote the letters first, then I wrote the rest of the novels. So for example I wrote Dio's letters first -- all of them from beginning to the end then I wrote Jennifer's responses to the letters and adapted where necessary.

Forever My Lady can be found where?
Bookstores everywhere (don't forget to support your indie bookstores too), or check out my website:

Thanks, Jeff, for stopping by to talk with us about Forever My Lady! Readers, don't forget if you comment on this post, you have a chance to win a copy of Forever My Lady.


Greta said...

Hey this sounds like my type of story. I'm going to have to add it to my TBB list.

Lea said...

Your book sounds wonderful Jeff, quite unique. I think the cover art is very attractive for readers as well.

I will definitely add your book to my list of reads.

Thank You

Jennifer Y. said...

This sounds like a really good book. I will have to look for it. I enjoyed learning about the book and author through this interview.

Congrats to Jeff on the release!!!

WK said...

Sounds like a really interesting book. Thanks Jeff for posting and great interview!

I'll have to look for your book.


Linda Winfree said...

Thanks for dropping by, ladies. Doesn't it look like a great book?

Our winner of a copy of FOREVER MY LADY is Jennifer Y. Jennifer, drop me an email at linda_winfree at yahoo dot com with your snail mail addy and I'll get your copy out ASAP.

Jennifer Y. said...

Thank you so much!