Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Musings

Scenes from Winfree's life: LaRoix, le kitteh. Originally, when Monster #2 brought her home from the flea market (don't ask), she thought "she" was a "he" and the name was Leroy. By the time we realized said skittish kitten was a girl, she was already named Leroy. So a French bastardization and her name is now LaRoix. She is the best cat ever!

The rough draft of my review of literature is turned in and approved by my professor with very few comments! Whoo!

Now, I'm working on updating grades, then I need to focus on revisions on Chris's book. I have preliminary cover art for Fall Into Me, Troy Lee's book, and it's incredibly beautiful. I can't wait until it's official so I can share it.

Fall Break is this weekend, and I'm very glad. I'm so tired, and I need this break.

How's everyone's week going?


Lori said...

Adorable kitty!

I can't wait to see the cover art for Troy Lee's book. All the covers for this series have been absolutely gorgeous. So much so that I've mentioned the cover in each of my reviews, I think. I never do that!
Enjoy your break :)

MaryF said...

Fall break! I'm jealous! We don't get a day off until Thanksgiving break. (Not that I won't take a couple of days!)