Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Central Song: Chris & Ruthie

Working on edits for Facing It and I end up looping the soundtrack while I work.

This is the central song for Chris & Ruthie:

The lyrics are so perfect for their relationship (snipping):

You could've bowed out gracefully
But you didn't
You knew enough to know
To leave well enough alone
But you wouldn't
I drive myself crazy
Tryin' to stay out of my own way
The messes that I make
But my secrets are so safe
The only one who gets me
Yeah, you get me
It's amazing to me

Icome around all broken down and
Crowded out
And you're comfort
Sometimes the place I go
Is so deep and dark and desperate

Sometimes I swear, I don't know if
I'm comin' or goin'
But you always say something
Without even knowin'
That I'm hangin' on to your words
With all of my might and it's alright
Yeah, I'm all right for one more night

Every day you save my life


Anonymous said...

Why, oh, why do you insist on torturing me?!
RC *crying in the corner while she waits for Facing It*

Melissa H. said...

Much love for Rascal Flatts! They always have great lyrics too. Keep writing!