Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

My siblings and me with my parents at my mom's 65th birthday party. I love how the Christmas lights on the tree make my brother look like he has devil horns. My sisters will, of course, get the wonderfulness of that image, considering he has Daddy's bald head.

I'm caught up on grading! Whoo! Well, at least until I get 35+ portfolio proof essays from the juniors tomorrow, plus freshman rough drafts of the same assignment. And on Wednesday? Fifteen senior project research papers, each in the ten-page range. Big junior essays on the American Dream in Modern and Post-Modern American Literature due Friday. Midterm is a week from tomorrow, so I have to stay on top of this.

Did I mention my edits on Facing It are due in ten days?

On a lighter note, I've posted a poll. My 20th high school reunion is on the 28th and I'm trying to decide if I want to go or not. I thought I'd give you the option to weigh in on my decision.

Oh, shoot! I just remembered after our "how we should be evaluated" chat today, I promised the juniors a rubric tomorrow. Have I typed said rubric? Um, no. Well, guess what I'm off to do . . .?


MaryF said...

You are such a hardworking teacher!

I'd go to the reunion if I was you. It would be fun! My 25th is coming up next year.

Anonymous said...

I really think you should go to your reunion. I've really enjoyed the ones I've attended.


mamasand2 said...

LOL, it does look like he has little 'sparkly' horns. Which one in the picture is you?

I voted on both polls but it's your call.


Linda Winfree said...

LOL, aren't the horns hilarious, Sandie?! My dad used to joke about his, so the fact Lionel has them is so funny.

I'm the one on the far left, with the weird hair and ivory sweater.

I've got to come up with an idea for said story, too!