Sunday, May 03, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Print galleys on Fall Into Me finally done -- this is why I am NOT a procrastinator.

Only 15 more days of school. I am soooo thankful. I need summer.

Still in a reading slump. Of course, I've been reading my own work the last week, so that might be why. I don't want to read much of anything. Except Better Homes & Gardens and Southern Living.

Starting week one of my final master's level course. Scheduled to graduate in June or July. Still haven't made a decision about post-master's work. The idea of being further in student loan debt when Monster #1 is going to college in a few years scares me.

What are you up to on this Sunday evening?

1 comment:

MJFredrick said...

15!!!! I have 24!!!! SOB!!!

Okay, not really because I love my class, but I need time to WRITE!