Monday, March 06, 2006

The Busy Stuff

I love this time of year -- it's warming up, the days get longer, it's only a few months until summer vacation . . .

It's also testing season, and I'm swamped. Grades are due next week, I'm trying to make sure my kids are prepared for the graduation test and the end of course test. Literary competition is coming up and another of my competitors dropped today. I'm really thinking of coaching only the drama team next year and letting someone else have literary. It's just not my calling, I don't think.

I'm wading through essays and Julius Caesar tests. Preparing to teach transcendentalism -- what fun!

So if I'm scarce the next few days, you know why. But I will have a post up Friday at Romance Worth Killing For.

Joan's post on success is up today. Go take a look!

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