Monday, March 13, 2006

Creating a Monster

My husband did it. At least, I'm blaming him.

The Monsters' bathroom renovation is finished. That means we have two rooms completed, and again I can see what the potential of what our "new" home will be.

The room is gorgeous.

And it's clean.

I tried banning everyone from using it. I mean, it's pretty. As I told DH yesterday afternoon, I've never had pretty before. I've always had functional and practical, so pretty was different. Totally cool.

And I didn't want to share.

He did finally convince me tonight that no, we couldn't just look at it, and yes, at some point I did have to let the creatures I gave birth to actually use the room.

The tub.

The toilet.


I gave in. But I rinsed the tub after they bathed, and woe be to them if someone doesn't ring the toilet.

My dad knows how to build an outhouse.

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