Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back Up!

First, consider this your friendly reminder to always back up your work. My laptop crashed and burned over the weekend, and fixing it required reinstalling everything . . . which means I lost everything not backed up.

The weird thing is, I didn't lose much of my writing. But teacher-wise? Oh, my heavens. I keep a paper copy of everything, but I realized this afternoon that all my performance standards files are gone, as well as my rubrics file, and all of my teacher web resource links.

If you've emailed me in the last few days and I haven't replied, I'm not ignoring you -- there are over 300 emails in my inbox and I'm trying to make sure I don't delete something important without reading it first.

Anyway, the good news, before said computer crashed, is that I had written the first four pages of my new WIP -- and even though those pages didn't get backed up and are now gone forever -- I have a handwritten copy so I can (pretty much) recreate them.

So go back up your work. And anyone have suggestions for me on more convenient ways to keep my work backed up, just in case?

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Kristi said...

Hey Lin,
glad you're back up. if you have a cd-writable/rewritable or flash drive just pop the files onto that...just like you would an old floppy. Go in once a week and copy everything from harddrive to CD/Floppy/ZIP/Flash. Beats the paper way by a long shot!

PS - store your cds/floppies somewhere relatively easy to get to -- that way if there's some catastrophe at home you'll easily be able to grab the disks even if you can't get the 'puter.