Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What Inciting Event?

I finally settle on a summer progect -- revising an existing manuscript. Completely changing the backstory. I think it will make for stronger conflict. Working on strengthening the external plot as well, making it more unique.

I might as well right a new book.

Want to know where I'm hanging up?

The inciting event.

The problem is that if you write romantic suspense, you have two plots -- the suspense/mystery and the romance. Hence, two inciting events.

Now I don't know if scene one needs to be inciting event for the suspense/mystery plot or the inciting event for the romance plot.

Suggestions, anyone?


Kristi said...

For my RS's I usually go with the suspense inciting event first. Just seems to flow better for me that way.

Sharon said...

No suggestions, but I'd rather write a new book from scratch than overhaul an old ms. I just get blocked and overwhelmed. It's hard for me to think out of the box when the plot already exists. I get stuck in the mud.

Good luck!