Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Reading Buffet

My new favorite place to read, since I've been displaced from the bedroom by construction, is in the gazebo by the pool. I do a lot of reading for school and also quite a bit for writing/research purposes.

The weird thing is that I don't read a lot in my genre -- romantic suspense. Now, I know authors who only read in the genre they write. I can't do it. I get bored easily (I also tend to read more than one book at a time, as well as a daily newspaper and several magazines a month), and I want variety in what I read.

So just for fun, here are the last ten books I've read (two I'm finishing now, so I'm putting them here) along with the author and genre. (I also didn't include any school or research-related reading -- this is just-for-me reading).

1) The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood -- literary fiction
2) Going to Ground: Simple Life on a Georgia Pond, Amy Blackmarr -- nonfiction
3) Seducing Simon, Maya Banks -- contemporary romance
4) Sweet Mercy, Jean Brashear -- contemporary (category) romance
5) A Family of Her Own, Brenda Novak -- contemporary (category) romance
6) Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden -- literary fiction (?)
7) The Untelling, Tayari Jones -- literary fiction
8) Cell, Stephen King -- horror/suspense
9) Derailed, James Siegel -- suspense
10) Pompeii, Robert Harris -- historical fiction/suspense

What's next on my reading plate?

1) A Break With Charity, Ann Rinaldi -- historical fiction
2) The House of Gentle Men, Kathy Hepinstall -- literary fiction
3) The Mermaid's Chair, Sue Monk Kidd -- literary fiction (actually, I read part last year, put it down, and now I'm going back to it)

I have some reading to do for school as well, but right now, I'm reading for me.

What's been on your reading buffet lately? Anything I should add to mine?


chryscat said...

Hi Linda!

I read Cell earlier this year. If you enjoy Paranormal Romance, may want to check out Gena Showalter. If you're into Paranormal Snark...Mary Janice Davidson (my new hero) writes the "Undead" series.
But looking at your list...I can see you've quite a few good picks.

Kristi said...

You've got quite a list going...Okay, fun stuff first. The Miss Julia books (Ann Ross) are great. Very southern-comforty. Picked up one of my MILs copies and loved it. Fast read. If you've read DaVinci Code, pick up Angels and Demons..if you haven't read DaVinci, read it. Gap Creek is good...Nonfiction -- Greatest Generation Speaks and Once Upon A Town are very interesting...I could go on (you know me and books)...but I'll stop there.

Carol B. said...

I have one suggestion: Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson. The backcover blurb sucked me in and I ordered it from a few days ago, cheaper than I could drive to Borders and buy it.

check it out here: