Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What's On Your Desk?

Yes, yes, I've been lazy since I returned from Alabama. All that theater culture exhausted me. :-)

Anyway, I have a meeting at 10:00, so this is a two-minute post (but I promise a longer one later today.).

Thought I'd tell you what books were sitting on my desk right now . . . so you could tell me!

Here we go:

1) Introduction to Theater Arts, Zimmerman
2) 7 Keys to Comprehension, Zimmerman (different one) & Hutchins
3) Understanding by Design, Wiggins & McTighe
4) Deeper Reading, Gallager (my hero!)
5) Play Director's Survival Kit, Rodgers & Rodgers
6) Going to Ground: Simple Life on a Georgia Pond, Blackmarr
7) On Writing, King
8) What's Happening, Hamlet? (script), Chikiar

What's on your desk?

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Kristi said...

The Player (fiction/Blaze)
On Writer (King)- has been on the desk for a couple years...and I keep coming back to it
Dictionary & Thesaurus, also Flip Dictionary
Writer's Market
Twelve Sharp (fiction/Evanovich)
two "You Can" books - one on writing articles and one on romance writing - from Writer's Digest
Writing a Romance For Dummies - by a Harlequin's actually never left the desk. Hmmm.....
Letters from Ronnie - love letters from Ronald Regan to Nancy
latest copy of the RWR
various computer/writing stuff - several notebooks, pens pens and more pens, mailing supplies, paperclips, stapler...

I've moved most of the TBR pile into a couple of drawers because they were taking up to much space. :) Of course to clear space I had to put more supplies on the desk so I'm not sure how much space I'm actually saving!