Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ever Read a Book . . .

That was so bad, you were annoyed you'd actually spent money on it? I'm regretting a recent paperback purchase.

Bad, bad, bad.


Really bad.

On a brighter note, some of our kids have started publishing a school newsletter in their computer applications class. It's kinda cute -- poking fun at the dress code, interviewing a student every week, showcasing poetry. The student body loves it, especially a little column called, "They Didn't Really Say That!" Our science/social studies teacher makes note of the unthinking things the kids say and turns the list in to the paper, and the editor chooses a couple to print each week. Even the kids getting zinged love it ('cause they know we love them). The funny thing is that the kids quoted are usually our best and brightest caught in a not-so-bright moment. Here's the best three from this week (all names have been disguised to protect the not-so-innocent):

L.D.: "Mr. Gabe, how do you spell IOU?"

J.G.: "So you're saying Africa and South America are the same place?"

After a student showed up with hair that was jet black in the front and brown in the back:

Mr. G: "N., your hair is two-tone."
N.B.: "Yeah, I straightened it this morning."

Now what I'm waiting on is the kids to start writing down the stupid things WE say in the classroom. Guess who mispronounced medieval today?

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