Monday, February 27, 2006

Positive Thinking

I stole this from Jen -- she calls it "participation positives." My grandma would have called it counting my blessings. I still count Jen as one of mine -- if not for her, I might not be writing.

Anyway . . . here are my +'s:

1) Tomorrow's payday -- and I have money left over after paying my bills.
2) Monster #1 needed prescriptions today -- and I didn't have to decide between paying the light bill, buying food or getting him his medications.
3) The ugly cabinets are gone from the kitchen . . . and new ones will be there soon.
4) Both Monsters are feeling better.
5) I have sick leave days banked.
6) I didn't have to find my own sub.
7) I wrote today.
8) My desk is clean.
9) My friends.
10) My refrigerator is clean.

Either I'm really blessed in a wonderfully ordinary way . . . or my life is dull.

I think we'll go with blessed in a wonderfully ordinary way.

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