Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Book Habit

I've decided my book-buying habits are anything but normal. All around the blogosphere, I read about people who have huge "to be read" piles (and many of my friends have them as well.).

Maybe it's the way I buy my books, but I don't have unread books around my house. If it's in the office, on the bookshelf, under the coffeetable . . . I've read it. Probably more than once. Whenever I get a new book, I'm like a kid with a Christmas present -- I can't wait to open it and dive in.

Maybe it comes from always having limited funds, but I don't buy large numbers of books at any one time. I keep a wish list on Amazon, and I'm developing a serious habit of buying e-books from my publisher. Once a month or so, my best friend and I hit our local indie bookstore, and I browse until I find something that I just can't live without reading. I buy a lot of books.

But I don't have a huge "to be read" stack. I can't wait that long.

How about you? What are your book-buying habits? Do you own a towering "to be read" pile?


Kristi said...

I was just thinking to myself how did that pile of books get so big? :) Actually, I don't buy a lot of books at once. Usually just one or two, but over the past 6 months the TBR pile has grown. A Lot. It's because I've been really busy with nonfiction deadlines so when I have a few minutes I work on the fiction instead of reading. Maybe things will even out a little in the new year? :)

Kim said...

Hurrah! Someone else who doesn't have a large TBR pile, LOL

I buy books, fiction and reference, and read them. Then shelve them.

Though saying that, my mother gave me money for Christmas and to her disgust I bought books. They're on a shelf behind a chair waiting to be wrapped. And I haven't read them... well... one... but when it's called 'The Amorous Tales of Old England'how can you resist, LOL