Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gifts, Unwrapped

First of all, wouldn't it be great if you could buy one of these for the man in your life? Mine would be thrilled. (Scarfed from

I've been working on my final gifts-to-buy list today. The DH and I shopped early this year (Thank God for ebay!), so I have very little left to do. Amazon assures me my order will be here by 12/22, I have photo gifts to pick up at Walgreen's later today, and the end is in sight!

I love shopping for others, adore the anticipation of seeing whether or not my gift will be enjoyed. Writing a novel holds the same allure. Sure, I write for me . . . I love the escape writing offers, the outlet for the stories that bounce around in my head. But don't we always write for others as well?

In On Writing, King talks of writing for his Ideal Reader (his wife). He anticipates her reactions. I have a real-life IR, but I also have an imaginary IR in my head. An IIR, maybe? ;-) My imaginary IR is my fantasy Ideal Reader, the unknown person who will buy my book, read it, laugh over it, cry over it, love it. That's why I have this sappy idea that each novel I craft is not only a gift to myself, but a gift I'm creating for someone else.

A gift I can't wait to see unwrapped.

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