Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Thin Line

I'm back at work on Memories of Us. This, of course, is the manuscript that I both love and hate. I've tried to abandon it and simply can't. I'm in love with the hero and heroine. I want them to have a HEA. If anyone needs or deserves one, it's Tom.

Because the book was such a pain in the hindquarters, I've put off working on it forever. I mean, I didn't have to finish it. At the time I started it, my then-agent wasn't invested in reading it. I had other manuscripts to polish and shop. It was okay if I put Tom and Celia to the side.

Then I stupidly sent a partial to my editor.

She wants to read it when it's finished.

So now I have to finish it.

And I have nothing else on my plate, until I get edits for What Mattered Most.

Which means I have no excuses.


I'm headed back to work on the thing, then.

Wish me luck.

If you hear any weird ripping noises? That's just me. Pulling out my hair. :-D


Edited to add: I think I've made progress. I spent the afternoon reading through the seven chapters I have written (about 40% of my projected word count). Then I sat, thought about where the characters were and asked, "What next?"

Started making a list. So now I have a plot list that goes up to the climax (I have an idea of what it is, but I didn't like the way my list was going there -- what I envisioned for the final scene was too similar to the ending of another manuscript. So I'll end up playing with the end, I think, but at least I have something to put at the beginning of CHAPTER EIGHT!

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