Saturday, September 08, 2007

Big Team, Little Me

Monster #1 ran in his first cross country meet today. I was so proud of him! He's definitely not the fastest runner on the team, but he completed the race, even though I knew it was hard on him.

I was also proud of our entire team, especially the varsity runners. When I reached the finish line area so I could watch Monster #1 come in (if you've never watched cross country before, you go to areas along the track as the run progresses so you can cheer them on), I saw groups of our older kids running the final, grueling yards with the middle school stragglers. They were encouraging them, making sure those kids would finish.

It was fabulous and gave me chills.

So kudos to our coaches and our kids, who have given new life to the "Big Team, Little Me" motto.

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