Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two New Reviews and My Contest

What Mattered Most, my first novel from Samhain, received Five Lips from Tara Renee at Two Lips Reviews. In part, Tara said, "I could not put this book down and I know that anyone who reads it will find it as magnificent as I do." You can read the rest of her comments here:

Sandra Paquet at Gotta Write Network also recently reviewed John and Lanie's story and awarded it five out of five "ever afters". Here's part of what she had to say: "An emotionally charged plot, tortured characters who live and breathe on the page - what more could you want?" You can find her review here: (you have to scroll down to each review).

You can find the blurb and excerpt for What Mattered Most here:

Here's the contest deal:

The three prizes I'm giving away:

1) A $5.00 Samhain gift certificate (MBAM)
2) Ebook version of your choice -- What Mattered Most
3) Ebook version of your choice -- Truth and Consequences

How to Enter:

Read through the two excerpts from His Ordinary Life found at my Yahoo group (in the files section) as well as the excerpt at the Samhain website. Find the answers to THREE of the contest questions below. Copy the questions you're answering into a blank email and provide the correct answer for each question. Send to linda_winfree at yahoo dot com (you know what to do) with SAMHAIN CONTEST in the subject line.

Contest runs through Monday night (9/10/07), 9:00 PM EST. At that time, I'll draw a winner for each prize from those providing the correct answers and post the winners here at the Samhain Cafe as well as at my blog,

The Questions:

1) Where does Del have a scar? (Excerpt 2)
2) How many children do Barb and Del have? (Excerpt 1 or 2)
3) What did Del drive before the Porsche? (Excerpt 1)
4) What is Del's brother's name? (Excerpt 1)
5) In the Samhain website excerpt, what memory sends Del after Barbara for one more try?

Remeber, the questions and excerpts are posted in the files section of my newsletter group at Yahoo (


Marianne Arkins said...

Great contest... and I'm entering as soon as I get a chance!

Mind if I share it at my blog? I love to spread the word about a good contest...

Linda Winfree said...

Thanks, Marianne! I'd love it!

Marianne Arkins said...

Posted it today! Now... I just need to go enter it!