Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning Musings

It's Sunday morning, I was able to sleep past nine o'clock (that can be rare on weekends in this house), and I have coffee. I'm good.

The DH fixed my dryer yesterday, so I can tackle the mountain of laundry, thank heavens! Grades are due tomorrow, so I'll probably be grading notebook tests today, entering and exporting. I need to make a Septemer calendar for my students, but they might end up with a weekly one instead.

Homecoming is staring me in the face -- two weeks until Homecoming Week. It's a very good thing I didn't make plans to go to M&M in Atlanta, as the dance is that Friday night. It's not like I can skip it, either. I have a fantastic student government president this year and that's made planning for HC much easier. At this point, we have a theme, a venue for the dance, a DJ, a list of things to do and committees. I feel like I have more of a handle on it this year than I did last year, when we held the first one (we're a really new high school -- we didn't have alumni until last year so we could have a Homecoming.).

One Act is looming, too. I've started auditions, but with kids adding and dropping at practices, I still don't know how many actual actors I might have so I haven't even chosen a play yet.

And I'm haunting my email, looking for my HOTM edits from Anne the Editor Goddess.

In terms of story progress, I'm at 63,752 words, exactly 75% of my targeted 85K. I have seven plot points to go, so I'm not sure if that will take 22K or if I'll end up at around 80K. Either way, this rough draft will need serious marination before I go back and revise, edit and polish. In the meantime, I'm trying to think my way through Ash's book. I know the story of the romance. I know the suspense story. Now, I just need to figure out where the darn book begins. I can't get a handle on the opening scene/event, which is really unusal for me.

Need to write today, too. Fell short yesterday and only wrote 700 words. It was like drawing blood, finally gave up and went to bed (I was wiped out). Feel more refreshed this morning, hoping that will make a difference.

Hey, quick question for you . . . do free reads by an author make a difference in whether or not you buy his or her books?


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Only 700 you secretly joined our 1000-words per day challenge without telling us???? (Me thinks I have someone else to hound.)

Grades already? Wow. School just started here about five days ago.

Ah, homecoming week. Great memories. Though I don't miss overseeing student council. I did it - lots of work. Hats off to you.

Way to go on the wip. I'm starting my new book now that the WIP (AKA: Book from Hades) is finally done. (Can you hear me cheering over here?) I already wrote the first chapter of the new book, so I'm into chapter two today, in addition to starting edits on the Book from Hades. (Which, unlike your wip, won't need to marinate because it's been frickin' marinating way too long as it is - and I've been editing as I go, so hopefully this editing will be over soon.)

Cannot WAIT to get HOTM in my hands. *sigh* Love that story. Of course, I really can't wait to get Jason in my hands...when's the print release for TAC?

Linda Winfree said...

Nope, I've been doing the 70 Days challenge -- supposed to do 1200 a day, but I'm behind. Making good progress, but I missed about five days in August, so I'm not where I should be.

Yeah, we started 8/9, so we're 4.5 weeks into school. We get out in May, though.

Oh, I'm going to need marinating -- even if I edit as I go, I'm too close to a book when I finish it to be able to look at it with a critical editorial eye.

Print release for TAC should be March or April, I think.

Carol B. said...

Not for me. Blurbs and excerpts are what draw me in. :)