Saturday, September 22, 2007


Just realized I haven't blogged in FIVE days. Five!

I've been fighting off a cold all week -- finally feel better. Edits on HOTM are going well -- they're due Oct. 1 and I'm on p. 290 out of 317. I'm adding a short sequel scene at this point, but it looks like I still have time to go through the whole book one more time and tweak.

I'm still ill over how rude some of my SGA kids were in our meeting yesterday. I expect a lot from them, and rude behavior is NOT one of those expectations. One thing I will do before Monday is lay out some basic ground rules for what is expected when a heated discussion is taking place. I'm starting with everyone stays seated during meetings.

I have a package at the post office. Have no idea what it is . . . haven't ordered anything. Will let you know what it is . . . hope it's something cool!

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