Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gather Ye Memories While Ye May . . .

Today was a good day. Busy, but good. I have, alas, only one more day of freedom after today, and I was determined I would not show up at school today. I needed to spend my Vote for Sonny Money, plus I wanted to hit Penney's sale today, check the goodies at Old Navy, etc.

So I spent the day with my best friend Pam. After she got her hair cut (and I read part of The Memory Keeper's Daughter), we hit Office Depot. Teachers were everywhere (hey, we got ten million dollars worth of Vote For Sonny Money statewide -- that's a lot of teachers!). We went to the mall, met her DH for lunch at Applebee's (quesadilla burger, yummmm!), went back to the mall.

We will not discuss how many bras I had to try on to find the right one, but find one I did! I bought several in that style. I hate shopping for unmentionables. Picked up three tops at Penney's, two sweaters at Old Navy. Then I spent the remainder of my Vote For Sonny Money at Waldenbooks, buying books for my classroom library.

Tried to take a nap when I got home. Didn't happen.

The Monsters wanted to go fishing, so the DH and I loaded them up and took them to the river. They fished for a couple hours, didn't catch anything, but it was beautiful and quiet. Had a nice conversation with the local DNR officer. Sitting, listening to the river whisper, watching the sun set into the pine trees across the water, was a really relaxing way to finish off one of my last two days of summer. Definitely one of my favorite summer memories.

What about you? What won't you forget about this summer?

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MaryF said...

LOL about all the teachers waiting till now to spend their money....denial, anyone???