Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weird, Isn't It?

I have fewer preps this year, fewer classes, fewer students.

I have one more planning period.

You would think I'd have plenty of time.


I'm less stressed teaching-wise than I was last year (I was really spread too thin), but all the department head duties are kicking in. And, man, does that take a lot of time.

I did manage today to get all of my filing done (that's a task I rarely get to -- I'd end up tossing papers in a file drawer to keep them out of sight, then have to sort them at the end of the year or when I needed something.). I'm setting my classes up in our computer program now. I made emergency bathroom passes (I have to handwrite the info on those, or the kids try to forge them). Still have to set up my gradebook. Make a list of kids without access to a computer or a printer.

Finally got all the ballyhoo from this weekend sorted out. DH took care of most of it, since it was his payroll department who basically screwed my entire budget for the month. I have to do some math, but I think they still owe us money, although not nearly as much as they did.

I'm off to make a form parent-contact letter.

What are you up to?

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PJ said...

What am I up to? Hmmm - well, I'm working on my lesson plans for the first 6 weeks to show our teacher-advisor (we homeschool); writing; critiquing; house-crap; and starting to prep for my next podcast!

:-) Lots of fun; not relaxing fun - but fun!