Saturday, January 06, 2007

The First Blush of Love

I'm working on the prewriting for what may be my next WIP. I use a story bones sheet I inherited from Carol to flesh out my characters. I have to have photos, too.

So here's how I envision my heroine, Angel:

She's very much the small-town bad girl with an even worse reputation. She's pretty much earned that rep, but feels like no one would ever believe she's changed.

And her hero, Troy Lee:

He's younger than Angel. He's the youngest cop on the local force, considered a screw-up, feels like an outsider.
This is the second older-heroine, younger-hero book I've written (the first is TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES).
My working title is AFTERBURN. I have an overall idea of what the book is about -- I know what the opening scene is, I know what brings the two together, but I don't have the whole "movie" of my plot in my head yet.
I'm looking forward to delving into this one, though.

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