Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That

It's been a loooooong day. A weird day. I'm tired. Early to bed is sounding good tonight!

I have edits, but I'm waiting for an answer from my editor before I begin. (It was a stupid question, too, but I want to make sure I do this right!) I think I need to buy a Chicago Manual of Style. My MLA comma rules aren't the same. Not putting a comma in "Oh God" is going to drive me nuts.

Only fourteen days (two weeks!) until pay day. I think I might survive January. There are new books out at Samhain (I really want Maya's book!), but there's that little lack of money thing. I may go on a Samhain glom in February.

Neat post over at the Samhain blog today -- an editor's take on the historical market.

We're planning new, big things at Romance Worth Killing For. Joan's been updating the site -- go take a look!

Finally, one of the most fabulous writer's resources ever is Charlotte Dillon's site and her lists for romance writers. Here's the info on her various lists, from Charlotte herself:

(Permission to forward to writing friends):

RWC - Romance Writers Community (The main list). This is where you ask how to questions, research questions, share news of a new sale or rejection, computer questions,get market info, and so on. (Writing topics only please.) We do allow promo type messages by active members about their writing, but on each Sunday only.To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWClist-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join at the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWClist

RWCcritique -- This list is for critiques only, nothing more. You may post chapters of your romance novel here, one at a time of course, and other members will critique the chapter and send it back to the list. You do have to critique two chapters for each one chapter you send in. There are moderators to make sure each members does two critiques per sub and that critiques aren't simply good job type posts, but real and detailed critiques. To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWCcritique-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join at the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCcritique

RWCPrompt -- On this list a weekly writing prompt is sent out each Monday morning. Members write a scene, or scenes, fitting the prompt, and send it in to the list if they wish. It is free writing, fun writing, so critiques are not given and only positive comments may be posted.To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWCprompts-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join at the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCprompts

RWCpromotion -- This is NOT a place to promote your novel or anything else, but a place to learn how totackle promoting your romance novel. Here we share hints and ideas on dealing with promotion as an author. This group might have been made with the published author in mind....but it's never too early to start learning the ins and outs of good promotion. So even if you haven't made that first sale yet....feel free to join.To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWCpromotion-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join at the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCpromotion

RWC-Other -- Another branch off the RWC tree. The RWC-Other group is for those of us who do other writing along with our romance novels--or even for those who only do other writing. So if you write articles, non-fiction, children's books, poems, or anything else, this is the group for you to ask questions onmarket, how-to, or what ever else falls under that other writing.To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWC-Other-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join at the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWC-Other

RWCchallenge -- This is a list to push you on those pages and help encourage you to get them done. You can make your own challenge by writing in with a goal anytime you wish. Sometimes though, I make the challenge. That challenge might be for a weekendor two weeks, or sometimes even a month. During thechallenge members who wish to take part see how manynew pages they can come up with in that time frame.You get to set your own page count goals for thechallenge. Members are always welcome to post messages to the group about their goals, how things are going, or not going, and so on.To join send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWCchallenge-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join at the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCchallenge

RWCsocial -- Since social subjects aren't allowed on RWC, RWCsocial gives members a chance to talk about subjects other than romance writing, as well as a chance to get to know each other and make new writing friends. So this is the place to chit chat and get to know each other.To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWCsocial-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join through the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCsocial

RWCGetHealthy -- This is a friendly support group for writers of any genre who want to lose weight, eat healthy, or just get in better shape. Some of us might bestruggling with dropping a few pounds...or a pile of them. :-) Some of us just might want to do better at working out, or just at making healthier food choices by reaching for an apple instead of that candy bar. It doesn't matter what your path is, as long as your goal is to become a better more healthier you! To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RWCGetHealthy-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join through the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCGetHealthy

RRC -- Romance Readers Community -- This list is for romance readers, writers or not. Here we drop our writer's hats and talk about books we like and books we didn't like, what we are reading now, and what's waiting in our to-be-read piles. We can talk about places to buy books cheaper, our favorite author, or anything that has to do with romance novels. To join, send a blank message to: http://webmail.bellsouth.net/agent/MobNewMsg?to=RRClist-subscribe%40yahoogroups.comYou can also join through the group's homepage:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RRClist

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