Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: My Recurring Book Elements

1) A name that starts with a T (Tick, Tom, Tori . . .)
2) A name that starts with a C (Caitlin, Calvert, Cook, Celia . . .)
3) Someone is going to get hurt. Or dead.
4) A student's name (at their request only -- Sonny Buck, Casey, etc.)
5) A Southern drawl
6) People, in a car, talking about clues or a case
7) A secret
8) A hospital scene. See #3.
9) My poor DH's law enforcement expertise. He hasn't gone a book yet that I haven't peppered him with questions.
10) Coffee. (I have this in common with Steph)
11) Kissing
12) Sex
13) Cursing


MaryF said...

Yep, I always have a hospital scene, too! As well as #11, 12, 13....

Linda Winfree said...

Thank heavens, Mary! I was beginning to think something was wrong me, with someone ALWAYS ending up in the hospital!