Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to the Real World

Today was crazy. The kids were wound up. All. Day. Long.

I ran errands after school, took the Monsters to MickeyD's for supper. Came home, ready to work on my TTD list -- school, author, home.

Monster #2 threw a kink in the works.

Have I mentioned yet that parenting is flippin' hard?

You think it's difficult when they're babies and you have to get up every two hours at night. You really think the terrible two's are hard.

Hard, though, I've discovered, is your kids growing up. They develop different problems -- school, friends, etc., and you can't fix everything for them. You can't always kiss it and make it better. When you offer advice, they're not always going to take it or even be open to it.

Hard is knowing those problems will probably get bigger as they get older.

Hard is figuring out how to let them go at the right time.

All right, all of you who have been at this parenthood thing longer than I have . . . advice?

Edited to add:

I have positives today, though:

Dana's support. :-)
Monster #1's smile when he opened his birthday card from his aunt
Having Michele in my classroom. She's going to be an awesome teacher.
Only 27 more days until payday . . .


MaryF said...

Oy, that's a long time between paychecks!!!

And yes, the parenting bit gets harder as they get older. My ds is 15 and we had a big fight last night about a gig he wants his band to play. I say we need to check it out, he thinks he can just say yes without permission. The next 3 years are going to be HARD.

Anonymous said...

not a parent, but if you can find a teenager to give the advice you are trying to give- well, the funny thing about kids is if they hear an adult tell them something, but a teenager say the same thing, theyre more likely to listen to the younger of the two. why? i guess because theres a stereotype that teenagers rebel against the auhority- and that is pretty enthralling to young ones. now, the trick is finding a teenager that your kids admire but at the same time you dont mind rubbing off on them :) good luck... i could have done with a few mentors myself