Thursday, July 12, 2007


Still making progress on Facing It. I wrote my three pages by hand last night because we were having a rocking thunderstorm.

Worked in my classroom a little this week (my bulletin boards are up and I cleaned out my filing cabinets). I have to do this BEFORE preplanning because I can't get anything done when there are other teachers around. I'm weird that way. I consider it my duty to aggravate Connie and Mary and keep them from getting anything done.

I'm planning for the school year. And last night, I nailed down the plans for the drama workshop I'm giving before school starts. I think it will be fun.

I've been walking/running again. Can't let Monster #1 be able to run/walk farther than I can! I feel better. I've missed my excercise.

House is a pit. Must. Clean. Today.

Did I mention I have a writing instruction workshop to teach Monday and all I've done is make my copies? I'm doomed . . .

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