Monday, July 16, 2007

The Worst Part of Drafting

I'm in that lovely part of drafting where it all looks like crap. Later, it will probably transform itself, but right now, it's c-r-a-p. I hate when I lose my objectivity about the writing.

I taught the first part of a writing instruction workshop today, and it's hard to explain how you do what you do when you're teaching. I teach pretty instinctively, now that I've got some experience on me -- and reproducing that verbally for someone else to take notes on is difficult.

I had a writing friend refer to me as an "instinctive writer" once upon a time and I kind of filed the description away. But more and more I understand what she meant -- I know what I do when I write, but darn if I can tell someone else how or why I do it.

So right now, it's all crap. Later, it won't be. Don't ask me how. Or why.

Because darn if I can explain it. :-)

{Doubt Demon pipes in: "What if it is all crap? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"}

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