Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's All About Focus And Drive

This is where things get dicey. I'm doing well with 70 Days of Sweat. I have 14,403 words on Facing It, compared to 0 (yes, that's ZERO) eight days ago. The story is going well, I think.

Here's my TTD list for the next two and a half weeks:

1) HOL edits #2 -- due to Anne the Editor Goddess by July 28 (that's 13 days).
2) WMM print galleys -- due by July 27 (12 days)
3) I'm teaching a ten-hour writing instruction workshop in three installments over the next three weeks. First four hours is tomorrow.
4) I'm holding six one-hour drama workshops over the next three weeks. That starts this week, too.
5) I need to clear our master bedroom and its closet in preparation for our renovation work scheduled for August.
6) I need to finesse my unit plans and get monthly calendars ready for my classes for Aug. & Sept. before preplanning begins.
7) I have to stick to my 1200 words daily for 70 Days of Sweat.

It's doable, but I have to stay focused. I've started running again, too, and that's helping. It keeps me on track, somehow.

It looks like 9:30 to 11:00 is going to be my prime writing time. The key is I have to stay offline. There are too many distractions otherwise.

I know it looks like a lot, but it is possible for me to pull all this off and still have some me-time. It's all about focus and wanting it and discipline. It's the same concept that applies to my classroom and my coaching.

It's also about prioritizing. You'll notice 70 days of sweat got the number seven spot. It's not because it's not important, but you'll notice edits got the #1 spot on my playlist. This is the deal -- I have professional obligations to meet at both Samhain and the school where I teach. Those obligations come before the new book. I think I can do it all, but the deadlines and the teaching prep have to come first. Hence why, although I could easily continue with the chapter of Facing It I'm working on, I have the edits file open and I'll spend the next hour or so working on that. I'll take a break and come back to the edits this evening, then maybe I'll get to add another couple of thousand words to Facing It.

Now, I need to find a way to work some promo time in there. That's the kicker. The darn promo!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT WORK! And you are right. It is about focus and drive. I'm working hard too.

Good luck and stay focused! LOL!