Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

So I've shifted pretty seamlessly back into Facing It, despite the fact I literally dropped it mid-scene. I wrote approximately 900 words yesterday. I'm close to 80% of the way to my targeted word count. This is a good thing.

I got my acceptance letter for NSU yesterday. Now, if Walden will let me in . . . I'll be good. Nothing against NSU, but I really want to start grad school this semester and if I go with them, it will be January before I can begin.

I'm guilty of having a really bad attitude right now. However, I am making a conscious attempt not to infect others with it. Hence, why I'm quiet and keeping to myself. Not sure what my deal is. Just . . . dissatisfied. It's weird.

I'm grading tonight. Must. Update. Teacherease. Must. Update. Teacherease. That's my mantra.

Found this list while working with some old files earlier today. It's my "soundtrack" list for several of my manuscripts:

Hold On To Me:

"Red Dirt Road" -- Brooks and Dunn
"Songs About Rain" -- Gary Allan (this is THE song for this book)
"(Baby, You Can) Hold On to Me" -- John Michael Montgomery, I think

His Ordinary Life

"Remember When" -- Alan Jackson
"There Goes My Life" -- Kenny Chesney
"Best I Ever Had" -- Gary Allan

Memories of Us:

"Making Memories of Us" (duh) -- Keith Urban
"Goodbye Time" -- Blake Shelton
"Who You'd Be Today" -- Kenny Chesney

A Formal Feeling:

"Live Like You Were Dying" -- Tim McGraw
"Come a Little Closer, Baby" -- Dierks Bentley
"Must Be Doing Something Right" -- Billy Currington (?)
"As Good As I Once Was" -- Toby Keith

For Facing It, I seem to be stuck on "Baby, You Save Me" by Kenny Chesney.

Sigh. I want an Ipod for Christmas . . .

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