Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've discovered it doesn't take much for me to get spoiled. A little thing like fall break, and I'm so wanting to sleep late daily now . . .

Unfortunately, the Monsters like to eat and I must work, so it's back to rising at 5:30 tomorrow. This means I will not be up editing at 1:00 A.M. tonight, too.

On round three of edits of Hold On to Me. Have I mentioned I love this book?

As for my goals . . .

1) Wrote my news release. Need to tweak and mail.
2) Created my postcards and bookcards. Need to order.
3) Wrote chapter two of Ash-Mad's book. Sent to CP for initial feedback.
4) Wrote first scene or so of Unseen, beginning to get a feel for the characters.
5) Sent out my newsletter for October.

Need to finish making notes on senior project rough drafts papers.

Oh! And my official transcripts finally cleared at the financial aid office. Now I can get my paperwork processed . . .

Karin Tabke's new first line contest is up and running. I see some friends over there!

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