Monday, May 29, 2006

It's Here!

Summertime is hovering on the horizon . . . school's out and we have three days of post-planning, then I'm free until the beginning of August. Well, kinda/sorta free. I still have department head stuff to do, mainly tweaking my unit plans and making inventory/order lists and other menial, mind-numbing yet necessary tasks.

But with the teacher hat temporarily shelved, I have room for my other roles.

I blogged Friday at Romance Worth Killing For about my rather sketchy promotional plans, and I need to begin putting those into play. First up is updating my website and my links here. Then I think I'll plan out an online read to be used for promotional purposes.

I'm also sketching out a mom-plan -- stuff to do with the Monsters to keep them from going berserk with boredom (because, you know, boredom + really smart kids = chaos).

On the homefront, I'm still obsessing about the house. I've been laying out floor plans for the furniture placement in the living area and designing the armoir I want the DH to build to house our television. Next week I start painting furniture!

Off to do laundry. Check in often . . . I'll be here much more regularly this summer!

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