Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lists, Lists and More Lists

I admit it -- I'm a list maker. I like seeing things on paper -- goals and budgets and TTD lists. I need that visual reminder of what I need to be focused on. I make plot lists for books as I write. I make lists of future book ideas. For the renovations from hell, I have a master list as well as a budget sheet and a prioritized list for each project.

I make TTD lists for my students so they know what step to go to next in a project or assignment. I make school and home TTD lists daily and weekly. I make lists for what the Monsters need to accomplish during a week -- chores and other responsibilities, things I need to do for them.

So when we started planning the changes to our home, I knew that for my office I was going to need a huge bulletin board -- a place to put all those writing and teaching lists. I found what I wanted in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine -- a home office redo where the homeowner made her own wall-length bulletin board (she's a freelance photographer -- I bet she has lists, too!). Now I'm making a list of materials I need for that project.

Last night I started another list, one I've been dreaming about for a long time. Planning for. I'll share more later this week, hopefully. So check back. :-)

So . . . are you a list maker? Or do you find them constricting? If you do, what's on your TTD list?

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Sherri said...

I'm a list-maker, too, Linda. It started when we moved from Salt Lake back to Twin Falls -- too much to remember, especially for a mother of toddlers! Now I have a "main list" plus a "project list" and a "trip list" if we're going on a trip soon. Otherwise I'm sure to forget something important!!