Monday, March 10, 2008

Well . . .

I was going to rant about how I don't watch American Idol and therefore don't really like to read recaps on author blogs, but some of my friends do them and, you know, that might be a tad rude.

So then I was going to blog about my new roof, which we just finished today. But, I thought, that might be a tad on the boring side.

I could post an excerpt from Anything But Mine but you know, I'm going to be posting those for the release date . . . TOMORROW!

I could tell you how I've been sick and my Monsters have had the flu.

How behind I am on grading. (Did I mention my grades are due tomorrow?!)

Or . . .

I could . . .

Tell you the absolutely true, completely traumatic story of how the lovely and gracious and talented Maya Banks threatened to kill me!

She did. For real. Earlier in the evening. I have the email as proof. And there might have been some cursing going on in there, some of that language, I -- as a good and prudish English teacher (Hey, seniors, stop snorting! I am your STAR teacher; therefore, I do not curse. Much. And only when I write. Or when I'm working on a the roof.) -- would never use. And since I'm fairly certain she doesnt't live anywhere near me, I can say . . . bring it on, baby!

I would start a huge blog kerfluffle and maybe even bring out the rabid fangirls . . . but I think she might have more than me.

I'm going to grade papers now.

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