Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yet Another Weirdness

My students tell me all the time how weird I am. I usually shrug, agree, move on with teaching.

I've discovered yet another weirdness in my personality: I don't celebrate.

Over at writeminded, Sharon is blogging about celebratory traditions. I know Carol has a bottle of bubbly stashed in the event her requested H/S manuscript sells. Mary blogged about all the things she did to celebrate the release of her first book. Elisabeth and her DH went to dinner to celebrate her recent three-book deal.

Okay, here's my weirdness. I didn't celebrate selling my first book. Or my second. Or my . . . you get the picture. I haven't celebrated book releases. I was chosen STAR teacher at school. You guessed it -- no celebration. Birthday and wedding anniverary in February? No celebrating.

I do things for my Monsters on their birthdays. The DH gets some kind of celebration around his (birthdays were a big deal in his family). But I am not a celebrator (its that a word?).

Yes, I'm weird. What's your weirdness?


MaryF said...

WHY???? Celebrating is so FUN! And dang, girl, you work hard for all those successes! You DESERVE it!

Linda Winfree said...

Oh, Mary, I know it's fun. I think it partially has to do with money. Not having enough during extended periods of my adult life have made me lean toward uber-practicality, so I guess I'm less likely to indulge in something I can't justify, you know?

My friend Mary, our school counselor, is working on me, though. She tries to get me to loosen up and indulge, LOL. Not sure if it's working. ;-)

Carol Burnside said...

Hey, we celebrated your first book signing all weekend. Remember that? I drove for hours, we got to meet, wonderful dinner at Mary's, lunch w/ your sisters and niece the next day.

I didn't dream that. I know I didn't. I have the signed book to prove it.

Linda Winfree said...

LOL, Carol, darling, that's fellowship . . . fun as all get out, but is it celebrating? ;-)

You're gonna accuse me of arguing semantics, aren't you?