Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looking Ahead

Scenes from St. Augustine -- One of the cute houses I like in the historic district. Look, it's Cody, our droll carriage-ride guide! And part of Monster #1's hair -- you'll notice it is uncombed. He drives me insane with that.

Next week is going to be horribly busy for me. I'm working in the house -- not construction, but cleaning and organization. We have too much stuff and everything is in the wrong place. However, we've got to be better organized before school starts, or the Monsters and I will never survive.

I'd hoped the renovation stuff would be complete before school started, but it's not going to happen. We're much closer, but no banana. Maybe by Labor Day or fall break (October). Yeah, that would be good.

Fall Into Me is essentially finished. I have some clean-up, fill-in work to do, but I have until August 6, so I'm good on time. I'm still thinking through what to work on next. I probably won't start anything until after the beginning of August. My brain is tired, and I need to be focused on school prep right now.

Oh, yeah, I have to go work in my classroom next week, too. Where did summer go?!

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