Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thirteen Things to Relish About Summer

Scenes from St. Augustine -- The town square. And yes, that lush St. Augustine grass feels just as fabulous on bare feet as it looks.

Thirteen things I love about summer:

1) Not having a schedule

2) Staying up late to write

3) Sleeping late

4) Hanging out with the Monsters

5) Going to the lake (which we haven't done this year)

6) The smell of freshly cut grass

7) The way the freshly cut grass smells after a rain

8) Going for ice cream. Just because.

9) The pool (which is green and nasty right now. We're having an impossible time maintaining it this year)

10) Hanging out with my friends (another thing I haven't done much of this summer, since we're all too dang busy)

11) Grilling out.

12) The beach

13) Coffee on the front porch

What are your favorite things about summer?

1 comment:

MaryF said...

I agree with almost all ;)

You have a countdown to back to school???? I won't even put a countdown to when my book comes out in print because I don't want to think about going back!!!!